Acidity Home remedies and Treatment
Acidity Home remedies and Treatment

Acidity Home remedies and Treatment

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Acidity Home remedies and Treatment. Acid reflux is not a severe condition. But chronic acidity can cause other health problems or can damage the esophagus. Acidity can be confused with other chest related problems that can be fatal. It is advisable to visit your healthcare provider if the symptoms of acidity are persistent even after taking medication.

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Symptoms of acidity will also know you today through this post. We will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. Similarly, you kept liking every post in our blog.

This is a common problem that can occur to everyone. Due to lifestyle changes nowadays, it is common to have acidity. This may be due to food and living in modern life. In Ayurveda, acidity is called acid bile. There can be many reasons for acidity.

This problem can be avoided if its symptoms are recognized on time. This problem can also occur due to a change in routine. It is said that the root of most diseases lies in the stomach. If there is any defect in any digestive organ, acidity starts.

So let’s know what is Hyper Acidity Symptoms. If you also have acidity problem and you are upset with it, then you must read this post How to Remove Acidity from beginning to end, only then you will be able to get complete information about it and you will be able to get away from this problem.

How is acidity

There can be many reasons for acidity. Our lifestyle has become such that eating spicy, drinking alcohol and many such habits can cause this problem, but if the acidity remains constant then it can also cause you serious illnesses. So pay attention to it. If acidity is persistent, you may also have blood pressure or sugar.


Acidity can be due to many reasons, which are the main reasons Acidity is being told about you further, so that you can know what causes acidity.

You may have acidity even if you fall asleep immediately after eating a meal. So after eating, go for a while and only then do you sleep.

Eating non-vegetarian also causes acidity. Non-vegetarian food is high in fat. And even more oil and spices are used to make it. Due to which it can cause stomach problems and can also cause acidity.

Anxiety and stress can also cause anxiety. The human body is made in such a way that if a person’s anxiety increases and stress increases then the amount of acid released in the stomach also increases.

Smoking also increases the amount of acidity in the body. Excess consumption of cigarettes, alcohol also causes acidity.

Acidity can also occur if you do not remain physically active, do not eat regularly and do not exercise.
Farmers use various types of pesticides and fertilizers for quick and good yield of their crops. These chemical substances harm the human body through food stuff.

Acidity Symptoms

When the acidity problem starts, some of the main symptoms are seen. If you notice these symptoms then you should see a doctor immediately. Let’s know about the symptoms of acidity.

Chest irritation – When you have acidity, you start burning in the chest. Many people always feel that chest pain means that a heart attack will occur, but sometimes this pain is also due to the food pipe. This is called a non-cardiac chest pan. If you do not eat on time and eat fried food then you can be a victim of it.

It can also be caused by stomach irritation. If you have a burning sensation in your stomach, it can also be a symptom of acidity.

Symptoms of acidity can still be seen even after dizziness, if excessive secretion of saliva in the mouth or sudden increased secretion of saliva can lead to acid reflex.

Symptoms of acidity can be detected even when there is a sore throat. Digestive system problems can also be caused by acidity. If there is a sore throat after eating without cold, it may also be due to acid reflex.

Lip burst is also a symptom of acidity. If your skin is oily and moist even in the weather, yet your lips are cracked, then it is a sign of acidity.

When chewing food that produces acidity, there is often an acetic reaction with saliva that weakens teeth and gums and many problems related to the mouth begin.

Due to the persistent acidity, your skin also starts to dry up. It also removes facial moisture. Which makes the skin dry.

Treatment of Acidity

If you have acidity, it should be removed on time, otherwise you may develop a major illness later. Which can cause you a lot of trouble. Next we are telling you some such acidity treatment from which you can remove acidity.

Domestic use of acidity

You can also adopt acidity home remedies. You will find these household items easily at home. So that you can get away from the problem of acidity.

Cold Milk

Cold milk calms your stomach irritation and also reduces acidity pain. Whenever you have stomach pain or burning sensation, drink cold milk at the same time.


Banana also benefits a lot in acidity. It reduces the amount of acid in the stomach. Banana provides immediate relief from stomach irritation. If the problem of acidity is more, then eat banana daily.

Thick fennel

It is also very cold, it has been said to be beneficial in many types of stomach diseases. You can chew fennel this way or you can make tea and drink it. The best way would be that after eating food, eating fennel every time will not cause you acidity.


Cumin is also very beneficial in reducing acidity. If your acidity increases or you have stomach ache then chew cumin raw. After that drink half a glass of water, your acidity will go away.


When you have acidity, chewing mint leaves or making sauces and using it reduces stomachache and relieves acidity.

Basil leaves

Tulsi has many Ayurvedic benefits and has been considered very beneficial in reducing acidity. Chewing 5-6 leaves of basil daily helps to remove acidity.


Amla is rich in vitamin C. Gas, which relieves stomach pain, you can consume it daily.

What is hypersensitivity hot

Hypercity occurs when there is a high amount of acid in the stomach. Hydrochloric acid is released from the stomach of every human, which helps in digesting food. When a person has an excess of this acid in his stomach, he has a problem of hyper acidity. If you eat unfit food or eat outside, then the amount of hydrochloric acid is high. Causing hypercity.

Hyper acidity Symptoms

If you have hyper acidity then these symptoms indicate that you have hyper acidity.

  • You feel like vomiting.
  • There is no desire to eat anything.
  • Constant hiccups start occurring which do not stop soon.
  • Sour bursts also accompany the eaten food.
  • And other things also start happening.
  • Treatment of hyper acidity

To avoid the problem of hyper acidity, you should keep the following points in mind. If you also have hyper acidity, then you should pay attention to these things as well.

If you have hyper acidity then you should avoid eating more food.
Consuming pulses also causes acidity, so people who have acidity problems should consume small amounts of pulses.
Citrus has high acidity. Because of which you should stay away from acids such as lemons, yogurt, tamarind and other sour foods from which they should be kept away, otherwise the amount of acid increases even more.

Foods that take longer to digest should be avoided. Eg oil, snacks and chili-spices
It is necessary to exercise a little after meals. You can also go for a walk outside for a while, it also digests food.
People who have hyper acidity problem should avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

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